Situation with displaced persons from the East is on special control in Transcarpathia


Recently, more information is received about misbehavior of some refugees and displaced persons in Transcarpathia, arrived from the east of Ukraine, as well as about their conflicts with local residents…

Law enforcement agents attentively examine this kind of information and react upon it in a proper manner.

At the present moment on the territory of Transcarpathian region there are 1091 migrants, of them 869 – from Donetsk and Luhansk regions, 222 – from the Crimean territory.

Thereare 404 childrenamongthem, 139 handicappedpersonsandseniors. The majority of migrants have settled in Uzhgorod (87 persons) and in Mukachevo (54).

Thirteen refugees are servicemen. Yet, 55 young men from the East were handed “Commemorative booklet” elaborated together with the Military Registration and Enlistment Office with request to come to the office for military registration. Everyone was given relevant “tear-off coupon” foreseeing complete identification of a person on the territory of Transcarpathia.

Policemenconductpreventivetalks with all migrants on demand of the residents of Transcarpathia. All men form the East are checked upon the corresponding data bases of Department of Interior identifying their personalities as well as together with the Military Registration and Enlistment Office a possible participation of these persons in implementation of the Law of Ukraine “About partial mobilization” is elaborated…