Fourteen illegal migrants are apprehended in Transcarpathia


The staff of Migration Service and the policemen detected 14 illegal migrants. 8 persons out of the total number were detained in the composition of two organized groupings. 

41 foreign citizens were detected and called to administrative responsibility for admitted violation as to the stay rules in Ukraine in the course of planned activities. Also 21 physical persons were called to administrative responsibility, who invited the foreigners and provided them with the housing. During the working off by the staff of the Service, 4 decisions were made concerning the compulsory return of the foreigners to the country of origin (2 citizens of Georgia, 1 – Azerbaijan, 1 – Russian federation), two persons were prohibited to enter the country.

Besides, the staff of territorial sub-departments of Migration Service made decisions on shortening the stay term in Ukraine to 3 foreigners – 2 citizens of Moldova and 1 Azerbaijan, – said Olga Polishchuk, chief specialist on PR and Mass Media of HA SMS of Ukraine in Transcrpathian oblast.