1261 migrants from the East and the Crimea are registered in Transcarpathia


Almost every day the citizens forcing to leave the regions of realization of anti-terroristic operation and temporary occupied territory of the Crimean peninsula arrive toTranscarpathia.

Thus, the rescuers conduct the work for people to feel the support on the part of the public.

Recently, the rescuers of Volovets garrison met two women from Donetsk and took them to the place of temporary residence. It was established that first, 53-year-old Nadezhda and her mother, being disabled persons of the Ist category, had arrived to Lvov oblast and from there they were delivered by the rescuers of the neighboring oblast to Transcarpathian colleagues.  The assistance of the soldiers of State Service on Emergency Situations was necessary as 81-year-old mother being in the state of limited abilities and could not move herself.  The daughter sincerely thanked the rescuers for their help as they were not able to get to the place of temporary residence all alone. So far, the women are in the village of Bukovets, Mezhhoriye region.

It will be recalled that the oblast headquarter functions to solve the issues of social support of the citizens of Ukraine moving from the temporarily occupied territory and regions of ATO realization. It implements the functions of Coordination Centre and is located at the address: Uzhgorod, Narodnaya Square, 4. Also, there is an active “Hot Line”- (0312) 61-22-20 as to providing the citizens with the explanations on social support at the place of temporary stay on the territory of Transcarpathia.

As of August, 27, there are 1261 persons registered in Transcarpathian oblast, 1039 of them arrived from the eastern oblast and 222 from the Crimea. Allcitizensaddressingtoregional headquarter are provided with the temporary housing.

Source: http://www.ua-reporter.com/novosti/154986