Refugees from DNR refuse to go to Russian interior


The citizens of Ukraine, finding themselves in Rostov region of Russia because of military conflict in Donbas, refuse from the proposals of the government to go to other Russian regions remote from the motherland. It is reported by the representatives of municipal power and volunteers.

According to their words, forced migrants interpret information about the truce negotiations as the sign of stabilization in Donbass, – “Radio Svoboda” informs.

«Refugees are proposed to go to Siberia and even to Yakutiya. They understand that one day they go somewhere farther, e.g. Zaurallya, and return will be more difficult” – volunteer Yuriy Ivanov says, who is involved in rendering of humanitarian aid.

The authority of Rostov region has made a decision to resend new forced migrants to other regions of Russia by transit without stops at Temporary Accommodation Centers on the territory of the region. Simultaneously, the implementation of the previous decision on closing all such centers is postponed for a week.

Before, 150 migrants from Donbass, who first agreed to move to other Russian regions, decided to stay in Rostov region. Half-empty passenger coaches had to be sent in the direction of Tver, Orel, Samara, Penza, Ekatirenburg and Uliyanovsk.