Family from Asia was apprehended at the border on Slovakia

09-09-2014 Border guards of Chop Detachment detained a group of unfamiliar persons intending to cross the border on Slovakia in illegal way.  Six persons of Asian appearance were detected by the border guards in the area of BS “Velykyi Bereznyi”. Three adults and three minors having no any documents reported that they came from Afghanistan. As it was learned later, all of them were relatives and made their way to Austria. Aiming to establish the circumstances of the infringement and prepare procedural documents, detainees were delivered to sub-department. Their personalities are under identification. Decision on responsibility before the law and further destiny of the detainees will be defined by the court. In the course of the current year, border guards of Chop Detachment have already apprehended 68 migrants from Afghanistan in the area of their responsibility. Source: