Svetlana Gannushkina about refugees from Ukraine


The refugees from Ukraine were provided with the temporary accommodation till July 22. It is not a refugee status being provided at presence of personal persecution or a real danger to be subjected to it, it is an additional protection for those whose risk is related to the overall situation in the region of residence. By the order dated July 22, 2014 No.691, Russian government has approved the distribution of the citizens of Ukraine throughout the subjects of RF, arriving to Russia in the mass of urgency. According to this decree, Moscow, Moscow and Rostov Region, St. Petersburg, as well as the Crimea and Sevastopol, are completely released from the reception of asylum seekers.

Nothing is said in the order about “subjects of the Russian Federation providing in 2014 a reception of Ukrainian citizens and stateless persons”? What responsibilities do have the authorities in these subjects as to those whose reception they provide”.

Moscow Department of Federal Migration Service once strongly refused to work with the arrived persons from Ukraine and did not take their documents for the status. In some cases, the applied citizens of Ukraine having wealthy parents or children in Moscow, managed to be assisted through Russian FMS. Until recently, an application for temporary asylum in St. Petersburg as if was accepted, without providing them with anything other than the legal provisions. This reading of the Order No. 691 was confirmed by the deputy head of the Federal Migration Service of Russia Nikolai Matveevich Smorodin.

But now we see that Petersburg has also followed the steps of Moscow.

The Crimea does not also accept even those citizens of Ukraine having relatives there, which have recently been citizens of one country.