28-year-old illegal migrant was compulsory deported from Ukraine



The other day 28-year-old citizen of Democratic Republic of Congo was compulsory deported from Ukraine.

The officers of SMS of Ukraine in Ternopil region at the support of Agency on Counteraction to Illegal Migration of Foreigners and Stateless Persons Department of SMS of Ukraine have executed the order of Municipal District Court about compulsory deportation of the citizen of Democratic Republic of Congo.

The foreigner arrived to Ukraine in the end of 2011 upon the invitation of one of the Ternopil higher educational establishments. However, he did not complete his education – he was sent down from the university on the grounds of disregard of the provisions of the Agreement.

As it was informed by Department of SMS of Ukraine in Ternopil region, losing the student status the young man had to leave the territory of Ukraine, and he did not act in such a way.

In May, he was noticed in Volyn TAC. From there the staff of Ternopil Migration Service accompanied 28-year-old illegal migrant to the capital airport.

Reference: in 2014 Ternopil Municipal District Court satisfied the claims of Migration Service as to deportation of 9 violators of migration legislation from the territory of Ukraine.

A decision was made about compulsory return of fifty foreign citizens from Ukraine.