Compass made wandering Syrians along the Lviv forests


thumb_news_20141228_105208_1419756728Two citizens of Syria had been wandering for two days attempting to get to the countries of European Union. They were detained by the border guards of BS “Grushiv” of Lviv Detachment some meters before the border on Poland. Two unfamiliar persons were noticed in the village of Nemyriv, Yavoryvskyi district by local people and informed the border guards on this point. Conducting searching actions, the force group detained the “travelers”. They were two citizens of Syria, who wished to get to Germany to improve their life conditions. The men took compass, however, this device did not help then as they lost the orientation cue at all and got lost in the forest, where they were stopped by the border detail. After establishing the details of the violation, a legal decision will be made concerning the detainees.