Two taxi drivers were caught smuggling illegal migrants from Iraq


869708-98079685746_0In the course of the operation, agents of the Service on Human Trafficking Combating of Transcarpathian Police together with the staff of the Road Inspection stopped two cars (of Kyiv and Transcarpathian registration) at the police post bordering on Lviv region.

The cars were driven by two residents of Mukachevo district of the age 34 and 41, both are taxi drivers in one of the Mukachevo private services. There were four young citizens of Iraq without any documents inside the car. They were first delivered to Svalyava District Police department, where their personalities were established, and then to Migration Service.

As it was established, these Iraqis arrived to Transcarpathia from Odessa aiming at further trip to the countries of the Western Europe. The taxi drivers stated that these men stopped them on the way to Mukachevo and asked to make a voyage to be acquainted with the local landscapesā€¦

So far, the law enforcement agents are establishing the circle of persons involved in this smuggling channel. The violation was registered in the Single Records Book of Svalyava AMOI, investigation of this fact is under consideration.