Border guards detained 6 illegal migrants at the border


1The car of Ukrainian registration was apprehended by the border guards of Sumy Detachment. The border detail of BS “Yunakivka” stopped the car near the inhabited area some meters before the state border. There were 2 citizens of Tajikistan and 1 of Uzbekistan in the car of the Ukrainian citizens. On more violator, according to the information of Polish colleagues, was detained by the border guards of BS “Belz” of Lviv detachment. The detainees were the citizen of Turkey. The man traveled to Poland to find some job and improve his living conditions.

Besides, two violators were detained in Transcarpathia by the border guards of BS “Goronglab” of Mukachevo detachment. The silhouettes of unknown persons were noticed by means of the thermal device. The agents started after the violators and apprehended them nearby the border on Hungary. According to the words of the travelers, it was learned that they were the citizens of China. So far, all detainees undergo the verification procedures.