African students, “pseudo-refugees” from Donbas, were detained at the border


thumb_news_20150416_141611_1429182971Three citizens of Republic of Sierra Leone were apprehended by the border guards of Mostytskyi Detachment for the attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine. Border detail of BS “Smilnytsya” guarding the area of mountainous zone of Ukrainian-Polish border detained three unfamiliar persons of African appearance, who were making their way on foot to Poland beyond the check point. As it was established soon, detainees were 26, 27 year old citizens from the universities of Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk, being expelled intended to get to European Union in illegal way. The students’ final aim was to get to Germany, and the legend was their status of the refugees from Donetsk region. At first detainees reported to border guards fictitious stories about their durable residence in Donetsk region, they lost all their documents because of war actions and in such a way they have been saving from the war. According to the court decision, all three Africans were brought to administrative responsibility for attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine in illegal way and were fined for the sum of 3400 UAH each. Henceforth, they are expected to be expelled to the country of origin.