Illegal migrants from Asia intended to get to Hungary from Transcarpathia


thumb_news_20150505_111223_1430813543Border guards of Chop Detachment realized the next detention of the illegal migrants intending to get to Hungary in illegal way. The information about the appearance of three Asian men in the border area was received in advance. Organizing the tracing for the unfamiliar persons, they were allowed to approach to the border.

Detention was performed in the deserted house in the suburb of Chop town as the “travelers” advanced very carefully and attempted to hide in it. The men reported about their country of origin to be Sri Lanka, however, they could not prove it by no any documents.

Three more “happiness seekers” were apprehended by the border guards of Mukachevo Detachment. Border guards of BS “Luzhanka” prevented the plans of two migrants from Syria and one from Algeria, who also intended to get illegally to Hungary.