Transcarpathian with 4 Afghanis attacks the border on Romania


picFour citizens of Afghanistan planned to cross the border on Romania in illegal way and hired the resident of Transcarpathia for this purpose, who wished to earn some extra money. Joint action on cooperation with other authorities on detection of transferring channels, places of accumulation and ways of illegal migrants’ following are continued and perform positive results. Thus, the staff of SBGS and SSU stopped a car in Transcarpathia, by which the citizen of Ukraine transported illegal migrants. Law enforcement agents of two Departments detained 4 persons without documents, preliminary the citizens of Afghanistan, in the suburb of the Transcarpathian region. The trespassers reported about their plans on illegal cross of the border on Romania and to settle in one of EU countries. So far, the appropriate verification and administrative-procedural measures are conducted.

It should be added that reaction group of BS “Uzhgorod” in Transcarpathia apprehended one more violator. The citizen of Palestine intended to cross the border beyond the check point, however an alarm system worked and he was detected by the border guards at once.