Transcarpathian border guards took two illegal migrants out of ice


picThe real operation had to be performed by the border guards in the area of Mukachevo Detachment. Border guards received information about the movement of more than 5 persons towards the state border. Hungarian border guards were informed on this point. Already in 30 minutes Ukrainian Border Guard Reaction Group detained 2 citizens of Vietnam close to the border. Yet, in some minutes border guards informed about detention of 4 citizens of India in the same direction just after they had crossed the border.

The searching operation continued. In the evening border detail revealed 2 more persons (women), who noticing border detail started to run towards the border over the water channel Choronda, fell under ice and started to sink. The senior border guards of the detail rushed to rescue them. As Hungarian bank of the channel was flatter, the border guard took the women out to the neighboring side. Soon, Hungarian border detail arrived providing the women with the first medical aid.