Border guards stopped two foreigners intending to cross the border by false documents


picBorder guards of Chop Detachment prevented illegal cross of Turkey’s citizen in the check point “Uzhgorod”, who attempted to get to Slovakia having forged passport document. When checking documents of the passengers from the regular bus “Uzhgorod – Michalovce” border detail suspected the passport document validity being presented by the citizen of Turkey. As a result, in the course of extended check of the passport document the signs of partial forgery in protective symbols and pages with constituent data. So far, corresponding procedural documents were issues as to the violator, who was delivered to Temporary Detention Centre in Chop Detachment.

One more foreigner, citizen of Israel, intending to get to the flight “Kyiv – Tel Aviv”, was stopped by the border guards of Boryspil Airport. After document check it was established that the man had forged certificate for residence in Ukraine. In accordance with this fact, the border guards informed the representatives of National Police.