Border guards detained 3 foreigners attempting to cross the state border in Lviv and Kharkiv regions


Three citizens of Turkey, Morocco and Uzbekistan, who tried to violate the state border, were stopped by the border guards  during the patrolling the state line.

The representatives of Public Formation informed  the inspector of Border Service of BD “Shegeni”, about appearance of a stranger of Arabic appearance in the direction toward the border. Reaction group pf Border Service started to the place immediatedly and stopped the violater. It was 21-year-old citizen of Turkey confirming his intention to violate the border on Poland for further employment. Soon, one more foreigner, the migrant from Maroco, also having intention to get to Poland, was stopped by the border guards of BD “Krakovets” of the same detachment.

Documents on administrative violation for attempt to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine were prepared concerning both citizens.

A citizen of Uzbekitan was apprehended some metres before the Russian border by the border guards of Kharkiv Detachment during the operative information realization. The man traveled from Ukraine and intended to cross the border beyond the check points. So far, revealed foreigner is under detention until his identification.