Six violaters were apprehended by Lviv and Kharkiv border guards


The car of Moldavian registration was stopped by the officers of State Border Guard Service in Lviv region. When checking the car driven by the citizen of Moldova the militaries of BD “Rava-Ruska” found a passenger inside the car – the citizen of Syria. Administrative materials are drawn up as to the foreigners, the cases are forwarded to the court. The circumstances of infringement are under establishment.

Border guards of BD “Starytsya”, Kharkiv Detachment, in cooperation with operative subdivisions and representatives of National Police and SSU  apprehended 4 persons in the course of information realization. Three citizens of Ukraine and one from Azerbaijan without documents intended to cross Ukrainian-Russian border. the persons stopped 20 meres before the state border, administrative protocols are prepared, the cases are also forwarded to the court.