Illegal migrants attempted to bribe border guards in Transcarpathia


Attempting to escape responsibility for border regime violation, the Asians resorted to try bribing the border detail of Border Detachment. However, their attempt failed and faced much more problems in a result. During patrolling, the law enforcers found the car «Hyundai» of English registration with three citizens of Bangladesh. The foreigner had no any identifying documents. When border guards find out what the Asian intended exactly to do in the border area, the car driver offered them the bribe. The border guards certainly rejected to accept the bribe; this case was reported to management board. Detainees were delivered to the Border Department of BS “Uzhgorod” for clarifying the circumstances of the infringement and holding them administratively liable in accordance with the Article 202 of Administrative Violations Code of Ukraine “Violation of border regime, regime in the check points through the state border of Ukraine or regime rules in the control entrance – exit points”. Besides, aiming to make legal decision on possible sign of the infringement stipulated by the Part 1 Article 369 of Crime Code of Ukraine “Offer, promise or presenting improper advantage to an official”, the border guards reported about this case to the Uzhhorod Department of Head Administration of National Police in Transcarpathian region. Currently, the case is under consideration of Police.