Four illegal migrants from India were detained nearby Slovakian border


Thus, last night as a result of such events, the border guards of Chop Detachment together with the officers of the National Police found and detained four migrants in Transcarpathia. It is worth noting that the local residents informed the law enforcers about the appearance of the unknown in the border area.

Four foreigners aged from 21 to 60 years were stopped near  Nevezitske village being close to the border on Slovakia. During inspection it was found that travelers had not any documents. According to their words it was established that they were the citizens of India.

The violators were detained and delivered to Police Department in order to perform further test actions.

It should be noted that from the beginning of the targeted preventive operation “Migrant” performed by the SBGS together with other interacting bodies more than 2786 administrative protocols were drawn up under  Article 203 of AICU “Violation of the stay rules in Ukraine by the foreigners and stateless persons and transit pass through the territory of Ukraine”. In total, the fines were imposed for the sum more than 14,5 million UAH.