Turkish citizen and 3 citizens of Mongolia were apprehended by the border guards nearby the Polish border


One of the travellers making his way towards the state border was detained by border guards of BU “Shehyni”, Mostyska Detachment at night. At first, the stranger was noticed in the border area by the local resident, who reported the border guards about his appearance. Soon the border guard, who was patrolling nearby, detained the violator 300 meters from the state border. The detainee was a citizen of Turkey.

Three more travelers were apprehended by the border guards of the same Detachment “Smilnytsya” in the suburb of the  Halivka village. The brave persons, who ventured through the snow to overcome the Ukrainian-Polish border, were soon stopped. They were 3 citizens of Mongolia – 2 men and 1 woman.

The administrative and procedural documents were drawn up under the Article 204-1 Part 2 of the AICU and detained up to 3 days to ascertain the circumstances of the offense.

Also, it will be noted that all detainees arrived to Ukraine in the established order. The circumstances of the offence are under establishment.

Source: https://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/news/gromadyanina-turechchini-ta-3-gromadyan-mongolii-prikordonniki-zatrimali-bilya-kordonu-z-polshcheyu/