Two Vietnamese citizens making their way to Slovakia were detained by the border guards in Transcarpathia


The border guards of the BU “Uzhhorod” received information in advance about the intentions of migrants from the countries of migration risk to cross to cross the Ukrainian border in illegal way. The response groups started to the place immediately. Soon, the border guards of the Chop Detachment detained a man and a woman of Asian appearance 500 m before the border. It turned out that the citizens of Vietnam, having no any documents, tried to get to Slovakia illegally.

The police drew up the administrative protocols on attempt to violate the border of Ukraine. So far, the filtration actions are carried out and the circle of the persons involved in their illegal travel is established.

It should be noted that the organizers of illegal migration channels constantly put at risk the lives of illegal immigrants, because, despite the weather conditions and sub-zero temperatures, for profit they continue to send groups on a dangerous journey. It will be added that repeatedly the illegal migrants receive freezing injuries during thesetrips and sometimes they led to death.

It will be recalled that the other day the border guards in Transcarpathia detained the citizens of Egypt and Morocco. Frozen and exhausted illegal migrants were found in the mountanious area. The border guards immediately provided first aid to the foreigners.