Two foreigners without documents and the driver carrying them were detained in Uzhhorod


According to the obtained data, a collaborative detail consisting of the border guards, employees of the Security Service and National Police, on the outskirts of the city the car “Audi” of Polish registration being driven by Polish citizen was stopped. Except the driver, there were three more passengers in the vehicle – the citizen of Ukraine and two male foreigners. During check the policemen found out that the men had no documents proving their identity.  One of them introduced himself as a citizen of Turkey, and the other – Azerbaijan.

For the purpose of clarification of the offence circumstances, the driver and passengers were detained in administrative way. They were taken to the BU “Uzhhorod”. After the foreigners’ identification, they will be brought to administrative responsibility under article 202 of the Administrative Code “Violation of the border regime, regime at the checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine or regime rules at entry and exit checkpoints”.