Policemen apprehended 4 illegal migrants from Africa in Zhytomyr region

On November 17, at night in the road Kyiv-Chop inspectors of SMVI stopped a taxi for speed excelling. It was driven by 45-year-old resident of Vinnytsya, and inside the car there were four dark skinned citizens. When policemen asked to present their identification certificates it was cleared out that no documents they had. For carrying out further checking of all detained persons they were delivered to Local Police Station. According to the words of a taxi driver in the town of Vinnytsya two foreigners came up to him who showed him a paper with written number on it and gave him mobile phone to make a call. Unfamiliar interlocutor asked man to take these passengers to town of Rivne guaranteeing payment according to tariff. In few minutes two more foreigners came up to the car who were waiting nearby. All together they settled inside the car without any luggage. As taxi driver confirms there are many dark-skinned students in their city thus no suspicion as to the goal of the trip he had, presuming that boys just go to visit their country fellows. According to present legislation of Ukraine penalty is foreseen for illegal transportation of the foreigners and persons without citizenship along the territory of the state in size up to 70 exemption limits of incomes of the citizen. The very foreigners not taking into account lack of knowledge in Ukrainian language were very good informed and behaved themselves very confidently. During an interview with a translator they affirmed that on the territory of Ukraine they are staying for about 2 months and aim of it were bad conditions for living in their motherland Somalia. They could not answer the question on what they were going to be engaged in. The policemen specified that foreigners went to Ukraine illegally through the border with Russia, from that country they moved forward by car to Kyiv, then to Vinnytsya, meanwhile they attempted to get to Rivne, which is nearer to the western border.

As a rule, illegal migrants especially from African state, try to get to the countries of Western Europe by transit through Ukraine. In this case the policemen carry out operative measures considering Chernihiv TAC till the period of their official identification or confirmation of persons and making corresponding decision on their future destiny.

Source: http://mvs.gov.ua/mvs/control