Counteraction to illegal migration is activated in Luhansk region

People of more than of a hundred nationalities live in Luhansk to whom it becomes almost motherland. There were never conflicts based on interethnic ground there. Every year hundred of foreigners on different purposes come here: for studies, on business, with religious missions and on personal affairs. In all cases when their stay does not contradict present legislation of Ukraine there is no limit to affability and hospitality on the part of Luhansk residents.

However, among the citizens of other states coming to the region there are persons who violate the laws of the country, live in the region illegally and even contrive “to come into the spotlight” in different crimes. That was the reason of complex operative-preventive activity implemented under the conditional name “Migrant” carried out by the workers of Citizenship Service, Immigration and Registration of Physical Persons.

What priority tasks were put before them in the course of operation?

At its practical level, a check of citizens of other states and persons without citizenship were carried out. Besides, the law enforcement agents were interested in keeping the legislation about law status of foreigners in Ukraine by the guests from CIS and other foreign countries. Besides, the efforts were directed upon detection among the guests of Luhansk region persons who do not have legal basis on stay at the territory of our state. There were about 50 of them in the region. 40 of them will have to leave the region the territory of Ukraine in compulsory order and return to their motherlands. Finally, according to the results, 300 administrative protocols were issued on violation of migration legislation which foreseen by the penalties.

In the course of operation the policemen also checked the commercial structures where foreign labour force can be used. It is mainly said about different building enterprises and organizations. More than 20 000 units were checked, 14 000 flats where according to present information the foreigners live. Diligent monitoring was also made at 793 markets and 355 railway stations. During the operation, more than tens of crimes committed by the foreigners were solved and documented. Two channels of illegal migration of the foreigners to Ukraine were revealed. Three foreign persons were detained who crossed the Ukrainian border on foot in the area attached to the district in Donetsk region. According to previous information these “guest” had significant reasons to make their way at the very night, all details concerning this case are now under investigation.

Very good assistance was given by the border guards. Due to joint efforts of policemen and their colleagues from State Border Service in Luhansk region a very “doubtful” person was successfully detained being a foreigner. This fact made clear that person organized illegal transportation of two young residents of the region through the border. Now a criminal case is commenced against him. One more foreigner was also engaged in analogous business whom the law enforcement agents had to detain. Due to him two citizens of Georgia crossed the state border illegally.

Such complex activities are planned to be organized in future. HAMIA addresses to local people of Luhansk region to inform about facts of illegal living of foreigners in the region.