Trespasser detained in Transcarpathian named himself a citizen of USA

14 – 12 – 2009

The workers of Mukachevo Border Detachment detained a man who illegal crossed the border from Hungary. At daybreak the trespasser was detected by the post of technical supervision with the help of the infrared imager in the area of border service “Luzhanka”, and 200 m before the border line he was caught up by the operative-investigation group. Detained person did not have any documents. According to his words – he is 26 years old, citizen of American State Utah working in Kyiv. He went with his friend to Hungary where he had lost his documents. That is why the man decided to come back to Ukraine passing by the check point “Beregshuran”. At Ukrainian side he had to be taken by his friends by car, but the border guards of State Border Service were quicker to do this. The day after a border-representing meeting took place in the check point “Luzhanka” in the course of which detained American was passed to Hungarian border guards.