4 Afghani illegal migrants were detained on their way to Slovakia


4 illegal migrants, citizens of Afghanistan were detained at Ukrainian-Slovakian border due to joint efforts of law enforcement agencies of two countries. The group of violators was detected by Chop Border Detachment in the area of the post “Velykyi Bereznyi”. Seeing the detail, migrants started to run away. Two of them were caught 50 m from border line by Ukrainian border guards. Other two guys were apprehended in a moment by the workers of Slovakian Border Police. Detained persons by Ukrainian border guards were dressed not according the season (- 10 0C). Wearing trainers and autumn sport jackets they directed their way to the mountains where the snow had already reached 20cm. The workers of State Border Service delivered runaways to the sub-division where they finally got warm. The detainees did not have any documents. They named themselves to be the citizens of Afghanistan who together with their country fellows in the search of better life conditions planned to get to Austria. According to their words, their relatives paid for this trip $ 12 thousand for each. At the present moment these people are under identification, their route is investigated, and also persons connected with organization of channel of illegal migration are looked for.

Source: http://ua-reporter.com/novosti/72660