Chinese migrants are in the search of new routes to Ukraine


The smuggling channel of migrants from China to Ukraine through the territory of Byelorussia was detected in the result of operative-searching activities by the border guards of Chernihiv Detachment.

The workers of State Border Service paid attention to a sufficient increase of the CNR citizens in the course of two months who arrived to Ukraine for studies and on business namely from Republic of Byelorussia. During the check of the companies where foreigners made their way to it was established that these immigrants were not going to work in Ukraine: legality of the most companies was not confirmed.

A crucial point in the case of “labor reserves” for Ukrainian manufacture was put by two cases at Ukrainian-Byelorussian border which happened on January 27, 2010. In the course of registration of the train “Minsk-Kyiv” at the check point a suspicion was waked by two passengers – citizens of China who made their way to Ukraine having business visas. They had proper documents; however the foreigners could not explain the place of their future work. The migrants were accompanied by two citizens of Byelorussia. The Chinese were refused in entrance as the goal of their trip was not confirmed.

The same destiny had other three citizens of China. They were driven by two citizens of Byelorussia. The foreigners were rendering confused evidences, and companies did not confirm their invitation to work.

It should be also mentioned that for some time past the number of case of unlawful activities has increased at Ukrainian-Byelorussian border. Only during the last year the workers of Border Department detained 1611 Byelorussians for various violations, 356 out of them were refused in entering the country.