Four thousand Georgians will be deported from Poland


The reason fro such a decision became an incident on Chechen and Georgian refugees’ capture of the train happened on January 15. The train was bounding to Germany at railway station in Polish Legnitce.   

Displeased by the conditions on their keeping in the centers for refugees, the foreigners with no tickets occupied places in the train and announced about their intentions to get to Strasburg and appeal to European court on human rights with a complain.

Later it became known that Polish authorities made a decision to deport from the country 20 immigrants from Georgia and Chechnya participating in a capture of the train. More 16 participators of action were transferred to centre on keeping persons of closed type, among who were eight children. The destiny of other illegal passenger has not been decided yet. According to the last data, the general number of participating persons in the capture comprised 158 persons, 64 out of them were under age.

Officially Tbilisi confessed that the most part of the citizens of Georgia crossed Byelorussian-Polish border illegally after what they appealed to authorities of Poland with a request to present them political asylum. According to data of European centre on minority issues, 90% of those Georgians who are under deportation are Kurds and the main reason of their migration are complicated social conditions.

It is also marked that the aim of migrants is not to live in Poland but the following migration to Germany and other countries of EU.

Deportation of Georgian illegal migrants, the most of whom were refused in granting the asylum, is planned to realize twice a month.