There will be no massive flow of illegal migrants from European Union


Interview conducted with the head of Administration of Migration Service in Transcarpathian region, Nikolay Tovt

There will be no massive flow of illegal migrants in Ukraine on Readmission in the force of many circumstances. There is rather complicated proof procedure on citizens’ place of living in EU. First of all, Dublin Convention 1990 is active, which determines the state responsible for application consideration about asylum granting submitted in one of the state – members of European Union. Ukraine, as it is known, only tends to become a member of European Union and is not under the action of Dublin Convention. Thus, consideration of application on status should be carried out by the first country of EU on the way of illegal migrant where he gets to. The runaway must not be transferred in order of readmission till he does not undergo all procedures on asylum grant and the supreme court instance of this country does not make a decision. For example, if illegal migrant gets to France through Ukraine than Poland, so France has a right to return him to Poland like the first country of the European Union and there he can ask for asylum. Illegal migrants act everywhere approximately according the same scheme. Thus, in case they really get to EU country they will use their right for sure.