Three citizens of Moldova were travelling in a secret place of the minibus


The staff of the check point “Tysa” (Transcarpathian region)  detected three women who were hidden in a secret place.   The hiding place was equipped in a double wall of the closure between the passenger and luggage sections of the minibus.  

The vehicle came to the line of the check point at about 11 p.m.  There were a driver and three passengers (Ukrainians) in it.  In the course of border-customs clearance the observation group paid attention to a rather thick wall. The measuring of the car showed that inside it was 35 cm shorter than outside. Dismantling the closure the staff of the check point manifested three more illegal passengers behind it. The women were the citizens of Moldova by the age 21, 43 and 52 years old, two of them were mothers and a daughter.   

Now the driver and the passengers of the minibus are delivered to the office of Chop Border Detachment, conditions of the violation are clearing out.

It should be mentioned that the very citizens of Moldova nowadays are ones of those who more often try to cross Ukrainian border. Thus, in 2009 the staff of SBS detained 2384 illegal migrants for the attempt to cross the state border illegally, hardly the third of them (737 persons) were Moldavians.   Now the detainees are in the temporary detention centre of Chop Border Detachment.  The women were examined by the border doctors, their health condition is satisfactory.