Security system is improved at the temporary accommodation centres


Recently European Union has invested € 140 thousand into two active holding facilities in Rozsudiv (Chernihiv region) and in Zhuravychi (Volyn region) for their improvement. Apart from sufficient financial support Ministry of Interior of Ukraine which was received for installation of such equipment in 2008, lately these centres received additional aid from EU directed upon the improvement of security in the centres. Perimeter security system was installed at both centres. Besides, TAC in Rozsudiv has also received power stabilizers in order to remove problems connected with power supply and provision with sufficient functioning of security equipment independently from power tension vibration. TAC in Zhuravychi got electronic system for migrants’ identification, electronic locks, shockproof film for the windows and gratings in the hostels. Perimeter security system prevents from escapes of the migrants, while inside system provides security of the staff in the centres at possible mass conflicts. Installed system answers EU standards and is necessary for effective management and security of the holding facility. Besides technical aid project foresees trainings and seminars conducting for the staff of the both canters. Czech experts shared their experience in daily management of the centres and unusual situations, and problems on crisis situations management as well. They have proposed the ways on preventions and solution of already existing situations. These proposals will be soon introduced into operational textbook on security issues in the holding facilities and will reflect perspectives of Czech republic. The supervision of both centres visited Czech Republic where they had an opportunity to be acknowledged with the system of apprehension at the place.