Afghan and Algerian were detained at Ukrainian-Russian border


The border guards of Kharkiv Detachment jointly with the workers of SSU detained the group of illegal migrants.  The lawmen had learnt about the possible border breaking beforehand and blocked the supposed directions of the trespassers.

The detail of Department “Vovchansk” making ambush nearby the village Gatysche, at 08.15 detained three men 22-40 years old who were coming from Russia.  The trespassers were citizens of different countries – Ukraine, Afghanistan and Algeria.  The foreigners had only the Xerox copies of the documents, and the Ukrainian boy had his passport.  Asian and African men had warm clothes and the necessaries of life.  

They had plans to work at one of the markets in Kharkiv, Odessa or Kyiv.  The term of their stay in Russia was run out, so they decided to get to Ukraine illegally.  The citizen of Kharkiv agreed to take them through the border for the reward of $ 400 for each person.