Two illegal migrants having strange documents were detained at the border


A foreigner was detained in Lviv region in the check point “Krakivets” who attempted to cross the border with a strange passport.  The passenger of the bus “Kyiv-Paris” a young man of Negroid race showed the documents of 24-year-old citizen of France. However, there were no information about Frenchman’s entrance to Ukraine in the database of the border guards, the corresponding marks in the passport were also absent and no migration card he had. Even having different lineaments from those ones on the photo in the passport he still continued to insist on this passport belonged to him.  The border guards had to measure him in order to be convinced of the traveller’s sincerity.  According to data in the document, the height of the owner comprised 180 cm, but the false Frenchman was only 171 cm.

The same day an African woman was apprehended at Ukrainian-Polish border who named herself to be the citizen of Netherlands.  She showed her passport to the border guards of the check point “Yagodyn” (Volyn region). After the lawmen ascertained that this document did not belong to her, the traveller confessed that she was the citizen of Nigeria.  Now she is under identification procedure.  

Generally, since the beginning of this year the staff of State Border Service of Ukraine has revealed more than ten persons travelling with strange documents and more than 40 violators had forged documents.