Border guards did not let illegal migrants from Georgia to European Union


The staff of the border detail detained two groups of illegal migrants – citizens of Georgia. At about 2 o’clock a.m. the operative-searching group of department “Palad-Komarivtsi” ran down three men (18 to 21 years old). As it appeared, the violators were sitting in a cafe in a village nearby Uzhgorod waiting for the evening twilight. After dark they moved to the border bu,t unfortunately, they got lost and in 6 hours they were detained by the border guards.

The other group of illegal migrants prepared better. Three Georgians in the age 26-31 took a compass with the help of which they made their route of movement. 

At about 4 o’clock the violators running towards the border were noticed by the detail of department “Uzhgorod” with the help of thermal imager. In some minutes the travellers were caught by the border guards with two service dogs.

All Georgians arrived to Ukraine officially in the search of better life conditions and they were going to the countries of European Union.