Four illegal migrants from Pakistan and India were apprehended at Hungarian border

Four illegal migrants were caught at Hungarian-Ukrainian border. In the suburb of the Chop town 1 km before the state border the reaction group of border service “Tysa” caught up two violators.  The detainees did not have any documents; however they named themselves the citizens of Iraq being of 21 and 23 years old.  They were as though deceived by the guide who took $1350 and disappeared.  According to the words of the foreigners they were medical students of one of Lviv universities, however this information was not confirmed. The lawmen have learnt that some foreign students with such names really study at the university and at the present moment they are in Lviv and attend lectures.  Now the border guards have to ascertain the real names of the travelers.

Besides, the staff of Chop Border Detachment attempted to catch up two more illegal migrants.  The pursuit finished on the bank of the river Tysa which they swam across on the rubber boat.  Hungarian colleagues were warned about the trespassers and they detained the citizens of India and Pakistan.