A Georgian with forged Lithuanian passport was detained at the border on Hungary


In the check point “Tysa” in Transcarpathian region a man was detained having forged documents. The passenger of the car “Mercedes” showed for the check the passport of 32-year-old citizen of Lithuania but he was not that person.

According to data-stamp in the documents, Lithuanian flied to Ukraine on March 4 through the check point “Boryspil”. However it was cleared out that a person with such constituent data did not go through the air gates of the country.  The further expertise of the passport showed that the page with constituent data was replaced where the photo was glued not according the original standards.   After that the man confessed him to be the citizen of Georgia.

Now the lawmen are identifying the detainee. It should be mentioned that in the course of January-February 2010 the border guards commenced 13 similar criminal cases.