9 illegal migrants from Somali and 4 smugglers were detained in Transcarpathia


The detail of department of Border Service “Vylok” of Mukachevo Detachment detained a cargo bus with the help of which illegal migrants were transported and a car accompanying it.    The border guards were informed by the officers of MIA of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region about possible transportation of the foreigners .  

The vehicles stopped at about 3 a.m. on the road “Berehovo-Vylok”. There were three men in the car – two citizens of Ukraine of Armenian origin and a Georgian.  The driver of the mini bus, a Ukrainian man, was trying to convince the lawmen that there were nobody inside the car and he had no keys from the bus body.   However, this did not help. Soon, pressing the lever in the cabin the doors of the cargo compartment opened.  There were 9 Africans inside. They were 4 men and 5 women. Illegal passengers named themselves as the citizens of Somalia.  They stated about their search of better life and their intentions to get to the countries of EU. According to their words, their documents were taken by the persons who had organized the illegal trip.

 Now the detainees are in TDC of Mukachevo Border Detachment.