Illegal migrants from Afghanistan took a three-year-old child into a dangerous trip along Carpathian woods


Already the third group of illegal migrants during the week was detained by the border guards in Transcarpathia. Five citizens of Afghanistan, three men and a woman with a three-year-old child, were making their way to Ukrainian-Hungarian border. At about 4 a.m. they were apprehended by the detail of Department “Goronglab” of Mukachevo Detachment. The foreigners did not have any documents, however they confessed that they got to Ukraine through Russian Federation, and from Kyiv they arrived to Transcarpathia. Now the filtration measures are carried out towards the detainees. This is the third group of illegal migrants for the last days detained by the border guards of Mukachevo Detachment.  The day before the border guards of Department “Luzhanka” detained two Afghanis and two Pakistanis 5 km before the border line who, by the way, were already detained by the border guards and were passed to corresponding bodies.  

As it gets warmer so the border guards forecast the growth in number of attempts to trespass the border by illegal migrants who have been waiting for the snow melting.   Generally, from the beginning of the present year the officers of State Border Service apprehended more than 230 illegal migrants for the illegal cross of the border, 150 out of which were caught at its western part.