Illegal migrants are in comfort


A special mobile premise for temporary keeping of illegal migrants was opened in Kharkiv Border Detachment. During 10 days determined by the legislation to identify illegal guest and make a decision on his/her further destiny by the law enforcement agents, migrant can count on dwelling with air conditioner, hot water, and also he can invite a lawyer and human right activist for communication. There is a separate room for this communication. There are already three screening centers of this type in Ukraine, two in Sumy region and one just opened in Kharkiv region. They are created in the frames of European Union “Capacity strengthening and technical aid to the authorities of Ukraine for the effective fight against illegal transit migration “GDISC ERIT in Ukraine”.

The special mobile modules for temporary keeping of illegal migrants already work for a very long time in European countries. They are placed nearby the borders. The main thing is that such buildings made of light fire preventing anti-vandal material can be transported from place to place, i.e. to those border areas where they are needed.   

The screening centers are all of similar design – of bright orange colour. This experienced is borrowed from Hungary; Hungarian partners helped Kharkiv people in this project. According to European standards, there is a special room for communication with the lawyer, human rights activists and representatives of different non-governmental organization which can render assistance. There are several rooms in this movable building designed for two-three persons, for women and men. If more than eight illegal migrant will arrive so it is possible to put additional beds on the second tier like in the train. But only for the short time. There are personal service rooms nearby – shower room, washing machine, iron and microwave oven. For comfortable work of the officer on duty – there is a video surveillance on temporary residents.

There are stationary post for temporary detention of uninvited guests in Kharkiv Border Deyachment which is responsible for the guard of Ukrainian-Russian border. However, these premises are very tight and not so comfortable.

Each module is allotted to one of the states of European Union

During 3 months of the present year the Kharkiv border guards detained 15 illegal migrants. These were mainly the persons from Middle Asia, the Near East and Northern Asia.

The project is composed of six modules. Each of these modules corresponds to embodiment of certain specific issues – banishment, refugees’ defense, detention of illegal migrants and also visa issues. Each module is allotted to one of the states of EU: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Netherlands and Britain. Hungarian police working with foreigners helped Kharkiv centre.  The cost of one mobile screening centre (including training of specialists – probation abroad, trainings, juridical consultations) –comprises  € 55 thousand.  In the course of two years in the project realization in Ukraine, European Union spent more than two million euro.

in the nearest time such screening centers will be opened in Odessa and Luhansk.