6 Afghani illegal migrants were apprehended in Kharkiv


A group of illegal migrants who illegal crossed the state border were detained at night in Kharkiv region. The suspicious travelers making their way from Russian village Sontsivka were noticed by local people late in the evening who informed the lawmen about that. The inspector of border service was observing with the help of mobile thermal imager how the violators were stealthily moving to Ukraine. 5 meters after illegal cross of the state border the detail of BS “Vesele” stopped 6 illegal migrants.

The detainees did not have documents. As to their words their passports were taken by the smugglers. One of the foreigners knows Russian. It was known according to his words that he and the rest of the persons were the citizens of Afghanistan of the age 18-23 years old.

The Afghanis were delivered to border subdivision. Now these persons are identifying and measures are taken upon detention of the persons participating in organization of the channel of illegal migration.

On Easter in Kharkiv 9 illegal migrants from Afghanistan and Somalia were detained. For organization of their illegal trip through the border a criminal case is commenced as to four residents of border village Kozacha Lapa according to the Article 332 of CCU.