Illegal migrants from Bangladesh and Pakistan “attacked” the border in Transcarpathia


In the area of BS “Shegini” the border detail detained the citizen of Bangladesh. The foreigner was intending to get to Poland and then in any way to get to the countries of Eastern Europe in order to find a job. So far as the foreigner did not have documents the checking-filtration measures were taken to identify him.

A family from Pakistan also was detained that day by Transcarpathian border guards nearby the village Zarichevo of BS “Novoselytsya” of CBD. A man (40 years old), a boy (13) and a girl (14) were attempting to get illegally to neighboring Slovakia aiming at further reaching EU countries to settle there. The detainees had  documents so the border guards did not have any problems with their identification. The future destiny of the violators will be decided in the court.