A citizen from Uzbekistan was detained in Odessa airport with forged Kirghiz passport


A women arriving from Istanbul to Ukraine tried to cross the border with forged documents was detained in Odessa airport. The woman showed the passport of 25-year-old citizen of Kirghizia for the border check. Inspector paid attention to the protective film was damaged in it testifying on document’s counterfeit.

There were doubts as to the untrue owner of the document and they were confirmed when she put a signature which was different from one in the passport. The final result of counterfeit of the passport was confirmed in the result of expertise. After that the traveler confessed that she is a 29-year-old citizen of Uzbekistan.

According to the words of the woman-violator, she flied to Ukraine to prolong the term of her stay in Turkey. Before she worked as a waiter in Istanbul and then was expelled from the country. She bought a forged passport for $3 thousand to get back to work.