Border dog helped search the illegal migrants escaping to the forest


Three illegal migrants were detained by the officers of Lviv Detachment of SBS. The violators tried to flee and hide from the lawmen. The detail of department of Border Service “Grushiv” detected three suspected men some kilometers before the border on Poland who were going along the road of the village Nemyriv. Seeing people in uniform, the travelers rushed in different sides and tried to hide in the forest. The neighboring details were oriented on their search. Two runaways were caught by the lawmen during the pursuit. The last one was the quickest and had time to disguise himself well. A service dog Leis helped find him in thick bushes. The detainees were delivered to border subdivision. They did not have any documents. The violators were the citizens of Moldova of the age 20-23 years old. They confessed in their intentions to cross the border of Poland.