Potential illegal migrants, Egyptian and Russian, were detained in Uzhgorod


A Russian man who persistently aimed at illegal cross from Ukraine to the countries of European Union was detained in the evening by the officers of SBS at the railway station of Uzhgorod. Two weeks before this case the foreigner was stopped by the detail of department “Velykyi Bereznyi” of CBD during his attempt to trespass the border of Slovakia. The detainee had to return to his country of origin in a voluntary order, however, he decided to try to get to EU once again.

One more foreigner who neglected the rules on stay in the state was apprehended by the border guards at the bus station of Uzhgorod. The most probably, the citizen of Egypt with student card of Kharkiv Veterinary Academy came to border controlled district of Transcarpathian region on the same purpose as Russian man.

At the present moment the circumstances of violation are clearing out. The measure of the foreigners’ responsibility will be determined by the court.   

Source: www.pvu.gov.ua/control/uk/publish/article;jsessionid=2DA1804D3A66ED4D7BA5B91923946442?art_id=80060&cat_id=48886