Illegal migrants from Moldova were stopped by the warning shots


The citizens of Moldova trying to cross Slovakian border were detained by the officers of SBS in Transcarpathian region. To stop the migrants the lawmen had to start fire.

At about 4 a.m. the silhouettes of two persons appeared on the screen of heat resistant set who were stealthily moving to the side of the state border. A group of deployment forces of BS “Palad Komarivtsi” was sent following the trespassers. Hearing the pursuers the travelers tried to run away and did not react on the order to stop. They were apprehended 350 m before the line of the border with the help of warning shots.

These illegal migrants were 17- and 29-year-old citizens of Moldova who aimed at search of better life in the countries of European Union. They reported that they were travelling without outside assistance, and they tried to avoid the meeting with the officers , they were making their way very carefully hiding in the bushes by hours and waiting for the opportune moment.