8 illegal Armenian migrants were hiding in the forest nearby Ukrainian-Polish border


Illegal migrants attempting to get illegally to Poland were detected 100 meters before the state border by the officers of Department of BS “Rava-Ruska”. Early in the morning the traces of group of people moving towards the border were noticed by one of the details. The reaction groups were sent for searches of the violators. In some hours the lawmen found illegal migrants (5 adults and 3 children) with the help of a service dog Sarmat. They were hiding in the forest belt and were waiting for an opportune moment to get over the border. The travelers did not have any documents. They called themselves the citizens of Armenia. Some of them were already detained at illegal cross of the border. The migrants were delivered to border subdivision. The circumstances of violation and participating persons are under identification.

Generally, in the course of three weekends the officers of SBS detained 66 violators for illegal cross of the state border.