Ukraine becomes a leader as to number of illegal migrants caught at the border


Ukraine is in the lead as to number of illegal migrants detained at the Polish border. Such a statistics for the year 2009 was published by EU agency on policy coordination at the borders of Frontex. Namely Ukrainian citizens are the most number among returned from EU according to Readmission Agreement. Citizens of Ukraine are often refused in entering the territory of European Union. In 2009 – 19 thousand Ukrainians were rejected and 95% of all rejections took place at the Polish border. The reject is caused by visa absence or residential certificate, documents proving the goal of the trip or costs sufficient for stay in EU.

According to the words of Andjey Pylyshkevych, director of Administration on Foreigners’ Affairs of Head Commandant’s Office of Polish Border Service, only in 2009 – 308 Ukrainians were apprehended for attempt to cross the border with the violation of the rules, in comparison Russians were 48 persons, from Moldavia – 15, Belorussia – 6. “I understand the attempts of the Ukrainians to get to our country – as the salaries in Poland are higher. I am not against Ukrainians to work here, but it should be legally”, – reported Mr. Pylyshkevych.

According to data of Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Poland, the average salary including taxes in the country comprises 2,4-2,6 zloty (6.4-7 thousand UAH). That is why, on Andjey Pylyshkevych’s opinion illegal migrants go to Poland to get job or use this country as a transit one on the way to Western Europe. At the same time Ukraine becomes a leader in number of legally employed persons in Poland. According to information of Commandant’s Office of Border Service, only in the second half of the year 2009 there were about 19,2 thousand those persons (growth up to 100$ in comparison with January-June 2009).

Ad interim, Sergiy Oliynyk director of All-Ukrainian Trade Union of working migrants in Ukraine and beyond its borders regards Poland as one of the less attractive countries for Ukrainian migrants. “The most successful country for migrants from Ukraine is Ireland. You can earn € 1000 per week. And the most unfortunate country is Poland where the salary comprises only $400-450 per month, however one has to spend much more for every day needs and attitude to migrants is not the best. Oliynyk is certain of the main reason Ukrainians leave the country is unemployment. As to statistics present in Trade Union, 65 thousand Ukrainians legally emigrated in 2007, 2008 – 72 thousand, and in 2009 – 80 thousand. Fight against the massive flow of the citizens can be carried out only by means of creation of new working places in the country.   

Deputy head of Committee of Supreme Council on human rights, national minorities and international relations, Ivan Popesku (Party of Regions) convinced that Cabinet of Ministers actively solves this problem: “A bilateral agreement between Ukraine and EU is necessary about abolishment of visa regime which will favour the legalization of migrants. Economic situation should be improved inside the country in order the enterprises start to works again, people will have work and there will be no need to go somewhere for emolument”.