Illegal migrants crossed Ukrainian border and “got” to Slovakia


On May 12 and 14, the border police of Slovakian Republic caught two groups of illegal migrants at Slovakian-Ukrainian border who got to their territory from the side of Transcarpathian region.  The officers from several Departments of border police arrested one group of illegal migrants on May 12 and later on May 14 the second group was caught at the border “Ukraine-Slovakia”.

The first group of violators was detected not far from the populated area Velykie Selmentsy. Three Somalis and one Pakistani were detained nearby crossing “Ublya-Malyi Bereznyi”. The second group of violators: two Chechens and one Ukrainian were apprehended nearby the village Vyshne Nemetske.

Now an investigation is carried out upon the ways the citizen of Transcarpathia “took” 6 illegal migrants to the territory of Slovakia without border control.  An inquiry on this point has been sent to State Border Service of Ukraine. All violators of the border are now under control of police.