Two groups of illegal migrants from Afghanistan were apprehended at the border


Two groups of illegal migrants – citizens of Afghanistan – were attempting to cross the state border of Ukraine illegally. Three persons stealing into Slovakia were noticed by detail of Border Service Department “Novoselytsya” in Transcarpathian region. Seeing the lawmen the violators started to run away. Ukrainian border guards informed Slovakian colleagues about the runaways and together with them surrounded the illegal migrants. As a result, one of them was apprehended at Ukrainian side, two others – at Slovakian one. Soon they were handed to State Border Service. The detainees named themselves as citizens of Afghanistan being of the age 17-26.

One more group of Afghanis was caught at the opposite side of the country. The detail of department “Dergachi” of Kharkiv Detachment stopped four men of age 16-39 years old early in the morning who were travelling from Russia along the railway track.

At the present moment illegal migrants are at temporary detention centers of border subdivisions. The officers establish the details of Afghanis’ trip and persons participating in its organization.