Illegal migrants from Moldova were apprehended 10 m before the border


According to data of border guards, adventurous Moldavians were apprehended twice during the last 24 hours who were attempting to take by storm the border on EU. The half of all detained illegal migrants at Ukrainian border are citizens of Moldova. From almost 1200 detained persons by the officers of State Border Service this year about a half are the residents of Republic of Moldova.

At 7 p.m. the border detail of department “Uzhgorod” of Chop detail stopped a man and a woman 10 m before the border who were inhabitants of Moldavian city Kagul. In the course of 2 and half hours three more their country fellows were apprehended by the detail of department “Novoselytsya”. Now the detainees are at temporary detention centre and are communicating with the representatives of agency of immediate investigation.